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Cover for Love's Treasured Secrets

Love's Treasured Secrets

Available April 2013

Sparks fly when Wynn Delaney accidentally knocks Charlie Eller off his feet at the Richmond Museum of History. She’s ready for anything, and when Charlie tells her he wants to discuss funding an archaeological dig, she steps in for her boss to make that decision.

After years of not being allowed to do field work because of her epilepsy, Wynn desperately wants to secure her legacy in history. She doesn’t want to be the next museum curator. She wants to find something with meaning, something that will knock the archaeological world off its feet, too.

There is a diary that may prove that Louis-Charles, the son of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, lived and died on Dauphin Island off the coast of Mobile, Alabama. He would have been the next King of France after his parents were murdered on the guillotine. His body was never found and his death has always been a historical mystery.

Charlie is the son of a wealthy banking family that disapproves of his obsession with the past. He was given the diary by Auguste Fortier who claimed to be the last descendent of the young prince. He will have to go undercover—and tell Wynn a little white lie—to be part of the project, without incurring his family’s wrath.

Together, Wynn and Charlie set out to find the missing prince of France, never dreaming that their real prize will be love.


Cover for Visions of Love


Visions of Love

Available at: Amazon.com

Ex-FBI agent and psychic child finder, Grace Harris, is coerced into helping wealthy software king Steve Williams find his missing six-year-old daughter. Grace hasn’t done this work since she almost killed a man who’d murdered his daughter four years ago. She quit the FBI and gave up drinking, retiring to her home in South Carolina where generations of women in her family have been psychic healers. Grace doesn’t trust Steve Williams, but she falls hard for him anyway. In his arms, Grace begins to lose sight of everything, except her promise to find Bryce, Steve’s daughter. But there are too many secrets, too many lies, standing in her way. Can Grace’s psychic visions and FBI training, help her find Bryce? Or will they both be lost in a web of deceit and darkness?








Cover for Emilie's Christmas Love

Emilie's Christmas Love

Available at:Amazon.com

It’s Christmas time in Ferrier’s Mountain, North Carolina.

Emilie Ferrier wants to adopt a child to fill her empty life. She’s given up any hope of meeting the ‘right’ guy. She can offer a child anything, except two parents.

Nick Garrett owns the mechanic shop that works on Emilie’s cars. He’s fresh out of the military, caring for his niece and nephew following his sister’s tragic death in a car accident. He promised her he would give her children the one thing she and Nick didn’t have: two parents.

 Nick doesn’t know that Emilie is the rich woman who wants to adopt his niece and nephew. She invites them to her house for the holidays when she finds out they need a place to stay. Her plan is to convince Nick that she can be a great single mother.

 Neither of them plans to fall in love.

Will a Christmas miracle make them a family?












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