An excerpt from A Corpse for Yew the fifth book in the Peggy Lee Garden Mystery Series.

A Corpse for Yew

Berkley Prime Crime

ISBN13 - 978-0-425-22810-4

Release Date: May 2009

“Is this where you saw it?” Jonathon had reached the side of the post office.
“This is it.” Geneva pointed to the mud. “See? There’s my stick.”
“What I’m curious about is why you screamed and fell over there,” Annabelle said. “This is a long way from where you were.”
“The sheer horror of it hit me as I was making my way back,” Geneva explained. “That’s why I screamed and fell. It was like a delayed reaction, I guess.”
“Very delayed,” Annabelle agreed.
Each of the women picked up a stick to poke around in the mud. Grace dropped hers right away when she realized it was an arm bone. Jonathon walked slowly through the area, kicking his feet hoping to find something.
Peggy stood to one side watching the group search the thick, brown mud. There were too many of them already to find anything. Whatever Geneva saw would no doubt be lost in the traffic. That’s why police kept people out of crime scenes.
The dying October sunlight was drifting across the ghost of Lake Whitley. Another day was over in the search for what remained of the village. In all fairness, the group had collected a sizable amount of bones and household artifacts that day. It was all piled on the shore near Mrs. Waynewright who’d covered the find with tarps.
The group knew they were working against time and nature as the state moved further into the active hurricane season for the Atlantic. One or two good storms could leave this area under water again with possibly another hundred year wait until it was dry enough to salvage.
She glanced down at a spot where the sunlight was gilding something white in the mud. Absently, she leaned down and touched it with her gloved hand. Probably another shard of pottery or other material not stained by the lake water down through the years.
What her fingers encountered was soft, pliable. She pushed at it, thinking it might be some form of plant life or even a dead fish. Instead, as she prodded it, the round white surface moved, revealing itself to be the face of a dead woman with bright red lips.

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