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Deadly Desires

ASIN: B00TXQQ7R2 avaible only at:  Amazon Logo and link to purchase

ISBN-13: 978-1508661221  

Deadly Desires is a buffet of delicious and unique recipes and the mysteries they came from by National Best-selling authors Joyce and Jim Lavene. From their first mystery series, Sharyn Howard Mysteries in 1999, the authors have been writing recipes into their books and adding to food blogs across the Internet. Their series of mysteries include the Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries, Renaissance Faire Mysteries, Missing Pieces Mysteries, Pie in the Sky Mysteries (under the name Ellie Grant), Biscuit Bowl Mysteries and Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries (under J.J. Cook), and The Retired Witches Spell Book Mysteries. Each recipe contains a small vignette of the books and the characters they come from. With a forward by the authors. 












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