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Pie in the Sky Mysteries are set in Durham, NC near the Duke University Campus

Maggie was dropping off the tea and coffee and picking up another order for Diet Coke from Sissy who’d arrived while she’d been in back.

That was when two things happened.

She heard a ping from her email, letting her know that a possible job offer was waiting for her.

At the same instant, the chime on the front door rang and Louis Goldberg, her ex-boss at the bank, walked into Pie in the Sky.

Maggie dropped the Diet Coke on the floor. “Lou!” she squealed.

Her mind ran amok with possibilities. He was here to ask her to come back. There had been a mistake.

He was here because he realized he was deeply in love with her (she had a romantic streak) and couldn’t live without her.

He’d come because the bank had decided to prosecute her after all.

Lou stared back at her, then just as suddenly as he’d showed up, he walked back out the door.

It only took an instant for Maggie to follow him. “Lou? What’s going on?”

“Maggie.” He shook his balding head and his whole large body began to tremble. His red rimmed blue eyes teared up. “Just seeing in you in that getup was too much for me. I can’t believe I did this to you. I’m so sorry.”

She glanced into the pie shop window to make sure Aunt Clara didn’t need her. Excitement buzzed through her like an electric current. Yes!

“Why don’t you come back inside and I’ll get you some pie.” She could afford to be generous. “It will make you feel better and we can talk.”

He nodded, sniffing hard and wiping his nose with his handkerchief. He was wearing an expensive gray suit and a red, white and blue tie. Lou was nothing if not patriotic.

“That sounds good. Thanks.”

Maggie put him at a table on one side of the shop, away from the sometimes noisy book club. She needed to concentrate and didn’t want to be overheard. Her heart was beating double time in her chest. This is it!

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Ellie Grant is the pseudonym for a married writing couple who live in rural North Carolina.

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